Vattentät trådlös Cykeldator

Vattentät trådlös Cykeldator
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Vattentät och trådlös cykeldator

Cykel dator/hastighetsmätare med stor display.
Helt vattentät modul med trådlös funktion för att slippa alla sladdar.
Enkel installation


1) Effectively help bicycle rider to track his progress and improve his stamina

2) Energetic as well as stylish design, practical as a functional analyzer

3) Time display function, also can be used as a watch

4) Wonderful gadget for traveling, best tool to keep fit

5) User friendly life style, easy to install, easy to read LCD display, ideal companion for your bicycle

6) LCD display as following:

* SPD Current speed

* ODO Total distance

* DST Trip distance

* MXS Maximum speed

* AVS Average speed

* TM Trip time

* CLK Clock (12H/24H)

* SCAN Automatic circular function


* Sleep Mode

* Freeze Frame Memory

* Setting tyre circumference /(0mm-9999mm)

* Setting speed scale km/h, m/h

* Setting the last value of odometer

7) Attach the sensor transmitter to the the left fork blade, the distance between computer and the sensor can not exceed 60cm

8) Range of speed recording: 0-99.9 km/h

9) Automatically On/Off

10) Rolling ball switch

11) Wireless Transmission

12) Two buttons design for operation

13) Power supply: one button battery for gauge outfit, one 12V / 23A battery for transmitter

14) Size: 45 x 45 x 20mm

15) Weight: 26g