Marsupilami - Hoobadventure (XBO)

Marsupilami - Hoobadventure (XBO)
Kategorier: Routers, Router & Modem
Brand: Microids
299 SEK
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Discoverthe Marsupilamis as you have never seen them before in an adventure full ofsurprises!Punch Twister and Hope are three Marsupilamis living a peaceful life in Palombia Their lives are about to take a drastic turn when they accidentally open a sarcophagus whilst playing with debris on a beach, releasing a mysterious ghost cursing all the animals! Thankfully, our three Marsupilamis are immune to the curse and decide to set out on an adventure and find the ghost and reverse the curse.Features3 different worlds20+ levelsAdjustable difficulty for more challenge.Refined graphics , a colorful art style and immersive environmentsA Chrono mode to break records.Discover and collect bonuses to unlock secret levels