Fibaro FGS-213 - Single Switch 2 / Insatsbrytare 2,2kW

Fibaro FGS-213 - Single Switch 2 / Insatsbrytare 2,2kW
Kategorier: Routers, Router & Modem
Brand: Fibaro
499 SEK
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Fibaro FGS-213 Single – Insatsbrytare 2,5kW från Fibaro!Switch 2 available as a Single and Double option was designed to activate and deactivate electrical devices. Thanks to its small size it can be mounted in junction boxes or inside device casings. The module is controlled either through the Z-Wave network or a simple switch. Power and energy usage measurement feature allows you to monitor and lower your utility bills. Connect your FIBARO Switch 2 to the system and other devices to enjoy the almost endless possibilities!Features* A complex system of control for each channel- Standard control- Delayed device activation- Delayed device deactivation- Auto on and auto off mode with additional options* A complex system of scene activation for each channel (scene management)- 1 to 3 presses and holding the key pressed down can be mapped to four different actions* Very accurate energy measurement +/- 1 % for power above 5W* Smart notifications* Sockets with more convenient connectors* User-friendly configuration menu* Z-Wave network coverage tester * Software updates (depends on the controller)General information* Built-in scene activation mechanism* Security and notification communication classes* Configuration menu with a diode* Latest generation Z-Wave 500 series chip* Z-Wave Plus protocol* Energy and power measurement of connected devices* Supports secure mode(Z-Wave Network Security) encrypted with AES-128Convenient sockets – easy installationSingle/Double Switch 2 is equipped with sockets that have an increased cross-section whichallows you to connect it to wires with a larger diameter and simplify the installation process.User-friendly configuration menuA built-in RGB diode is of invaluable assistance during the installation process. The light willshow whether Single/Double Switch 2 has been added or removed from the network. You can also see whether a calibration or an update was successful.* GREEN - Reset the energy usage measurement memory* PURPLE - Test the range of the Z-Wave network* YELLOW - Restore to factory settingsZ-Wave network range testerUse Single/Double Switch 2 to check the signal quality in the Z-Wave network.The built-in RGB diode will help you verify whether the place you selectedfor installation is in its range.A stronger signalSingle/Double Switch 2 has an increased signal range which givesyou more installation possibilities and an increased network coverage.Software updatesYou can update your software to the latest version once it becomes available.This way you have access to the latest functionalities without havingto buy the latest version of the device.Easy to mountJust place the module in the junction box and connect it to an existing installation.The module’s miniature size allows you to place it in many convenient spots.Scene managementEven the most complex actions can be activated via a wall switch connected to a module.With just a press of the button when entering a room, it’s as natural as turning on the lights.Smart notificationsSingle/Double Switch 2 features many safety measures that prevent it from voltage drop, overheating, or overcharging. In the case of any of these events, the system will immediately send you a notification.Notifications about unused devicesSingle/Double Switch 2 allows you to monitor electrical devices that are currently inactive. The system will notify you if you leave a device running and allow you to turn it off remotely.Automated water flow cut-offA Flood Sensor in conjunction with an electrovalve and the Single/Double Switch 2 module will protect your home against flooding, boasting the highest level of efficacy possible.Usage limits and device monitoringThis feature allows you to set the top and bottom thresholds for energy usage. After the limit is exceeded the module can notify you or automatically deactivate the device.Power and energy measurementThe new Single/Double Switch 2 allows you to measure the power and energy of the connected load. You can see how much energy is used in your home through clear charts and use that information to reduce your electricity bills.Your mobile device is your remoteYou may control the modules and receive information through your home PCs and mobile devices. Single Switch 2 and Double Switch 2 do not require expensive control panels in order to function.Takes care of your kidsAre you a parent or do you plan to become one in