8bitdo Lite SE Purple Edition

8bitdo Lite SE Purple Edition
Kategorier: Routers, Router & Modem
Brand: 8bitdo
399 SEK
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Lite SELite SE. For Gamers with Limited Mobility.Lite SE was designed to be a compact, mobile, and reasonably priced controller to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility.Compatibility:Switch, Android, Raspberry PiSpecial Features:rubber matte to keep the controller held in placebuttons have less resistance for easy pressingjoysticks are more sensitive for easy useL3/R3 separatedrumble vibrationmotion controlscustomizable Turbo function (D-input)mode switchConnectivity:480mAh Li-on battery, rechargeable18 play hours with 1-2 hour charging timeWireless BluetoothUSB-CA Collaboration with 8BitDo CommunityLite SE was created in collaboration over the last year with two and Oskar Karlsson. It has been 8BitDo’s pleasure to collaborate with Andreas and Oskar and engineer a controller to meet the needs of passionate gamers with limited mobility like Oskar.Designed for AccessibilityOne of the primary goals of Lite SE was to engineer buttons and joysticks with less resistance and greater sensitivity allowing for gamers with limited mobility to play with greater flexibility. Android9.0 and aboveSwitch1.0.0 and above9.0.0 and above [Lite]Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi OSLakka, RetroPieRecalbox, Batocera* Switch compatibility does not support HD rumble or amiibo scanning